How has it gone so completely unaddressed how incredibly disturbed it is that M’gann completely created her entire life and personality around this tv character? Lik even finding a boyfriend Connor. I found this whole thing profoundly unsettling.

i have been in this fandom since the beginning of the series and it is my duty, honor, and pleasure to inform you that you, out of thousands of people, are the first person to ever address the topic of M’gann’s relationship with “Hello, Megan!” in this manner. Really! You are really the first! Never, at all, since the morning of March 17th, 2012, this episode’s airdate in the U.S., have I beheld anyone, on any online platform, refer to this facet of M’gann’s character as disturbing. At all! I am so impressed that despite M’gann being in less than ten frames overall of this five-gif gifset, her presence managed to spark in you the desire to impart this dazzling commentary upon us all! Amazing! As OP of this gifset, I must say, congratulations! 

*o* GOSH! Well first, you’re welcome since it was about time someone said it. And second, thank you. I’m quite honored to be graced with the honor of being truly the first person to recognize and comment on the fact that M’gann’s entire personality and life was created to reflect that of a television show. This is truly a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. I am quite proud.

Excuse you, OP, does Megan from Hello Megan fly around in a spaceship saving the world? Does Megan from Hello Megan live in a mountain and train with a team of other young heroes? Yeah pretty sure not.

M’gann doesn’t base her entire life. She bases how she presents herself (physically and mannerism wise) to people off of “Megan”. She does this for several reasons that addressed IN THE SHOW ITSELF. Kaldur literally says M’gann is “too eager to please,” and that is literally her top characteristic in season 1. Due to the racism M’gann suffered on mars, she’s TERRIFIED of being rejected. She acts like “Megan” because she thinks people will accept her more. She thinks “Megan“‘s positivity and high energy and innocence is more likable than her own more serious, possibly depressed, lonely side (this is also due to the racism she suffered and also possibly because of her family who she’s mentioned not being close with.)

Also, I would like to mention that if M’gann REALLY was trying to base “her entire life” off of “Megan” then she could’ve just come to Earth and pretended to be human. She CHOOSES to become the protege of her uncle, and she CHOOSES to be part of Young Justice. And, if you pay attention you’ll notice she acts the most like “Megan” when she’s pretending to be human/meeting new people. That personality is a self-defense mechanism for her (note when she turns to “Megan” in her therapy session with Black Canary)

M’gann is not “disturbing” for presenting herself as “Megan.” When you idolize someone, sometimes you act like them. When you’ve been told all your life that you are not good enough, you pretend to be someone else. When you are constantly rejected, you shelter yourself and your real feelings from further harm.